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K-12 Preparation; Cultural Study Habits; General Principles at Start or End?


  • Steven G. Krantz, How to Teach Mathematics, Chapters 1-3


  • Aleksandr Gorbenko, Patrick Lloyd, Daniel Collins, Kristin Polizotto, Tian Cai, Deborah Berhanu


  • Question: What did you agree or disagree with?
  • Moore Method: Surely inappropriate for our students.
  • Question: Why are KCC students unprepared?
  • K-12 prep as a problem for KCC students.
  • Math anxiety among K-6 teachers, esp. females, who then communicate this to students (esp. girls who identify with teacher).
  • The students get high school diploma without really learning math.
  • Comparison to teacher qualifications in different countries/states.
  • Specialist K-6 teachers would be the #1 thing to change (DRC).
  • Working in groups outside of class — effective but possibly a challenge for our students — culturally, time constraints, socially, etc.
  • Groups only effective if carefully chosen — someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • Asian students may know how to do the problems & get good grades, but necessarily able to apply or engage with the world with that knowledge.
  • Influence of home environment (in terms of academic discipline) and of social class.
  • Do the suggestions in this book help all students? Effective across the board? (Probably.)
  • Students cannot set up a problem — logically — because that unit is skipped in K-12.
  • Logic not required at KCC (even in math department) — inductive & deductive reasoning is not required.
  • Krantz recommends examples, then building/developing theorem.
  • Other option: Principle/theorem, then proof, then examples (traditional in definition-theorem-proof-application).
  • Daniel thinks traditional is better for students who will not be mathematicians. But Tian/Pat thought examples earlier on was better.
  • Next meeting: Nov-22nd at 12:40 PM (to include outside grant observer).


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