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Second meeting

Goals for this semester:

  • Identify (and later, evaluate) resources and initiatives at KCC that support student success in STEM
  • Identify opportunities for research projects assessing the effectiveness of these resources and initiatives
  • Produce a report summarizing our findings (and figure out to whom we can present it)

Today’s discussion:

  • We reviewed the 2018 National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report: “Indicators for Monitoring Undergraduate STEM Education” (Table S-1 on pp.5-7). Read online or download for free at:


  • We adopted the three goals in this table to guide our work, revising the wording of goal 3. Goals for our planned work now read as follows:
    • Increase students’ mastery of STEM concepts and skills by engaging them in evidence-based STEM practices and programs
    • Strive for equity, diversity, and inclusion of STEM students and instructors
    • Ensure adequate preparation for STEM careers
  • We developed specific research questions we would like to answer (based on the goals). These questions will guide our data gathering.
    • What are the evidence-based educational practices used by faculty in STEM disciplines?
    • To what extent are such practices in use?
    • What programs do we have at KCC to increase academic readiness, gateway course completion, retention, and transfer in STEM majors?
    • What programs, policies, and initiatives exist at KCC to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM?
  • We agreed that the objectives and indicators in Table S-1 reflect our intent, and we intend to gather data for each of these indicators.
  • Data will be gathered from the following three sources:
    • Faculty survey (Loretta will develop questions for survey)
    • KCC’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness (Kristin will send requests to Chris Calienes)
    • Relevant administrators (diversity officers, ATD, Academic Affairs, etc) (Mary will request from diversity, Kristin will request from ATD through Chris Calienes)

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