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CUNY Central Recommendations; Spacing Study; Online Homework


Announcements: Funding available for STEM learning conferences (contact Kristen).

(1) What Faculty Expect to Gain From Attending Conferences

Networking, collaborations, new research, present research & get feedback.

(2) CUNY Central Academic Affairs

Initiative to move away from remediation as a majority of what we offer; integrate remediation into credit-bearing courses (e.g., LaGuardia & Guttman).

Is this a national trend? (We don’t know, but sense that CUNY is at the vanguard.)

If math/QR (quantitative reasoning) requirements are diluted or done away with, at what point do you cross over from being a university to being a technical college like Monroe?

The effect on graduation rates is at the heart of this.

New requirements: (1) Allow calculators on tests; (2) Give non-algebra course to non-STEM students; (3) Pass algebra students even if they fail the final.

Effects on transferability outside CUNY? Will this influence CUNY Central?

(3) Discussion of CUNY “Best Teaching Practices” Document

Suggestion about studying in different environments; the study referenced is probably not vaild as evidence for this practice.

When this was brought up to CUNy Central, their response was that they would not remove this suggestion until a study is done supporting the opposite (essentially, “prove the null hypothesis”). A local survey of students showed that those who did study in different environments showed no effect on overall grade or final exam scores (unpublished).

(4) Discussion of Carpenter Article on Spacing

Many of us thought this might support (3) above by showing that different environments may not be best. But instead it was about the timing of learning — gaps between presentation, review, and test.

(5) Discussion of Options for Online Homework

(E.g.: Software packages including textbook & online homework)

ALEKS — Math, chemistry, physics (K-12 as well as college; www.aleks.com).

Challenges with using online homework/effectiveness for student success.


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