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Supplemental Bio-Math Modules; Math Workshop; Qualitative Reasoning


  • Stats/Prob. modules developed for Bio 33/ab


  • Physical Sciences, Biology, Mathematics, Math Workshop
  • Anna/Emral also teaching a learning community with A&P and math (Bio 50/50).

Discussion of other efforts on campus to support math:

  • Bio learning communities (11 and 33)
  • Bio 13 boot camp (S3)
  • MAT M1/M2 4-day (16 hour) workshops for high-fail students to pass

Feedback on modules:

  • Send the worksheets/quizzes
  • Some technical revisions to these specific modules (suggested by math faculty)
  • Supporting QR vs. calculator skills (e.g.: estimation, rules of thumb such as divisibility by 3).

Center for Math & Technology (previously: Math Workshop)

  • Students can come for math help, including math support for other courses(walk-in help; can get schedule from center for specific tutors with specific expertise)
  • STEM instructors can supply info to CMT, who can assist as much as possible
  • Budget drastically cut

How to improve QR (Qualitative Reasoning)?

  • A long-term proposition, but how to best approach?
  • Relevant examples (like % body fat) — contextualizing an abstract concept
  • Repetition/more exposure
  • Practice examples in various concepts
  • Coordination across faculty (tutors for content course, workshop tutors, faculty, etc.)

Next meeting: Will send out a Doodle(but only for days at 1:50 PM) after spring break.


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