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Automatic-Algebra.org; Conceptual Quizzes


  • Materials used in gateway math courses.

In-class materials used:

  • Dan’s online conceptual quizzes in MAT 900; hope is to well-prepare students well for later science and math courses.
  • General agreement that conceptual emphasis and not all-multiple-choice computational questions is helpful.
  • Automatic-algebra.org: Dan’s website for timed drills on basic prerequisite skills (negatives, order of operations, set of numbers, decimal comparisons and conversions, etc.)
  • Provides concrete site to refer needy students starting on day 1 od a course.
  • Suggested expansions/improvements for science courses: Matric conversions, serial dilutions.
  • Possibly tracking user data to provide evidence for improved results (would be total overhaul of existing site).
  • Possibly compare 2 sections of a course with/without site integration for evidence.

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