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Impact of the 12-6 Calendar at CUNY; Graduation Rates; Advisement


  • Discussion of impact of 12-6 calendar on STEM learning.


  • Dan, Pat, Kristin, Azure, Tara, Raluca, Tian.

Points of Discussion:

  • Pat’s presentation at Hostos, who are being encouraged to adopt a 12-6 (union meeting with admin also present).
  • Questions about impact on student internships (May start) and length of time for propr learning (esp. of calculus).
  • Benefits: Financial (free module), “back up semester” if you fail a class.
  • Disadvantages: Support staff workload.
  • Is this a shift from a few years ago when LCC & KCC were feeling pressured to convert to a 15 week semester?
  • Guttman — Graduation rates higher with 12-6 calendar, so based on these data, there is now a push to convert all the CUNY CC’s to 12-6 calendar.
  • In reality, instead of accelerating graduations with the 12-6, Tara sees students spread 12 credits over the 12+6.
  • Considerations for students who are single parents or have jobs: 12-6 might be better for them.
  • What about online classes? Does 12-6 vs. 15 weeks matter for online learning?
  • Though CC students find online learning far more challenging.
  • Tara asked, is 6 weeks enough for a foundation or gateway course? (Depends on the course and on the student).
  • Socially, students are “told” they can work full-time and go to school full-time; this is not necessarily true (for many or most).
  • All KCC advisement is now decentralized, and also split into 1st year (Freshman services) and 2nd year (2nd is discipline-specific).

Future items:

  • Share a copy of Sara Kraemer’s evaluation report with the STEM FIG.
  • Next semester — 1st meeting focus on Pat’s notes for a STEM FIG report.



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