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Supplemental Instruction (SI) for STEM Courses

Attending: Richard G., Tian C., Emral D., Michael W., Daniel C., Kristin P., Azure F.

Discussion Points:

  • Issues with finance and for SI, as well as funding sources
    • Does tutoring make a difference?
    • Data shows yes — data specific to KCC (Mike W.)
  • Materials cost: textbooks, online assignments/assessment, etc.
    • OERs, Waymaker, ALEX
    • Negotiated prices with publishers
    • Special grants/programs for textbook vouchers
    • Check out from library
    • Are OERs as good as private sources? – Yes, and improving
  • Impact of voluntary nature of SI – MAT 05 is basically mandatory SI (as other institutions have done) for highest-risk-of-failing students
    • MAT 5, while a relatively low level math class, has a lot of resources put into it (7 hours for 3 credits)
    • Rationale: combined remedial & college math, so liberal arts students are not prevented from continuing by M@ (co-remediation, essentially, in one semester)
    • AA degrees – non-algebra track
  • Funding for SIs – probably not enough for wide adoption, or for permanent adoption; and institutional funding unlikely on permanent basis
  • To what extent are administrators influencing what or how STEM instructors teach?
    • E.g., if algebra or calculus is not required to take statistics, but statistics faculty teach or consider statistics in light of calculus.
  • Perkins – needs to see the data for need for tutoring (ask IR) (ABC grades) – discuss w/ M. W. tutoring by appointment (like BIO 11/12)
  • Next meeting – likely in this same time slot/Doodle will be sent


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